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  1. #1 - Newbie Poster
    Join Date
    Apr 2011

    FAP Book Set - Condition: New

    These books have never been used, but one of the books arrived with a slight tear in the cover. The complete package retails at $822 on ACTEX. I'm willing to sell for less. Send me a private message.

    1. Bellis, C., Shepherd, J., and Lyon, R., 2003 (First Edition). Understanding Actuarial Management: The Actuarial Control Cycle. Institute of Actuaries of Australia.

    2. Bluhm, W. F., 2007. Group Insurance (Fifth Edition), ACTEX Publications, Inc.

    3. Brown, R. L. and Gottlieb, L. R., 2007. Introduction to Ratemaking and Loss Reserving for Property and Casualty Insurance (Third Edition), ACTEX Publications, Inc.

    4. Easton, A. E. and Harris, T. F., 2007. Actuarial Aspects of Individual Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts (Second Edition), ACTEX Publications, Inc.

    5. Lam, J., 2003. Enterprise Risk Management: From Incentives to Controls. John Wiley & Sons.

    6. Luenberger, D. G., 1998. Investment Science. Oxford University Press.

    7. McGill, D. M., Brown, K. N., Haley, J. J., and Schieber, S. J., 210. Fundamentals of Private Pensions. (Ninth Edition), Oxford University Press.

    Includes all CDs that come with books, solutions manual to Ratemaking and Loss Reserving, as well as the ACTEX study manual FAP exercise guide.

  2. #2 - Level I Poster
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    Nov 2007
    plain wilhems
    how much your offer for group insurance w bluhm?

  3. #3 - Newbie Poster
    Join Date
    Apr 2011
    I'd rather sell all the books together as a set. Are you still interested?

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