Hello everyone

My name is Cody and I hope to start studying for the P/1 test soon. I am a career changer a I am currently a stockbroker in Denver, CO. However as I have come to find out that if I want to move up in the financial world it would for the most part involve sales (thanks but not interested), getting my CFA (which through my research I have read that their is a glut of CFA's and a CFA does not necessarily guarantee any type of job) or becoming a manager (just not my aspiration).
I love and always have loved math. I have a BS in Accounting (which did not give me much of a background in math) so that at least helps me as far as being able to take exams. I am currently taking a statistics college class which I am finding as challenging but also somewhat exciting and interesting. The next class I plan on taking will be calculus then not sure from their. I would appreciate any and all suggestions I could get. I have read a lot of the forums and I have found those to be very helpful as well.
Since I love to help people I was considering a career in teaching math. I am currently a volunteer tutor for 9th graders which I do like, however found that I do not want to make a career out of teaching.
Thanks all for looking!!