Hey guys,

I'm totally new to this forum and wondering if I should pursue being an actuary.

In my undergrad I did a BS in Applied Math with a focus in Statistics, and a BA in philosophy (analytic). Undergrad GPA = 3.6. After that, I went to a divinity school to study theology for 3 years with no plans of going into professional ministry or otherwise obtaining employment through that degree. I am now about to finish divinity school, and I have no work experience and no idea what I am going to do. I am 26 but fortunately I do not have much debt (thank you family).

But I studied a lot of statistics so I'm thinking maybe I should start studying for actuary exams and taking them(?) It seemed like a good idea until I read on here about how hard it is to get a job these days. Is it a good idea to study for these exams as soon as I'm done with divinity school, pass them, and send off some job applications? Or is the job market so stiff that since I haven't invested any time yet, I should just walk away and learn how to fix toilets or something?

Thanks guys