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Thread: GPA and Exams

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    GPA and Exams

    Hello, I was curious as to how much GPA is weighted later in an actuarial career. I'm a statistics major and I am assuming I will end up with around a 3.0-3.2 GPA in my undergrad. If I started out in the statistics field, and eventually passed 5-6 exams, what is the likelihood of getting a well-paying job?


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    Hi jrk012, GPA matters for your first actuarial job, and some employers won't consider candidates with 3.1 GPA. Likelihood of getting a well-paying job is mostly related to aggressively seeking actuarial employment. Somebody with 1 exam and no statistics background who is passionately contacting employers has a distinct advantage over somebody with 5-6 exams and statistics experience who only casually looks for work.

    Once you have actuarial experience, nobody cares about GPA.

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