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Thread: Which helps more on career UIUC or Columbia University?

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    Which helps more on career UIUC or Columbia University?

    I am new here and I applied for the graduate school for actuarial science. Now I received 5 admissions. I am considering two of them, one is from UIUC and the other one is from Columbia University. I am international student so to find a job after graduate means a lot to me. But I don't know much about the career information about this two programs, I hope someone can help me about this. Which one is easier to find a job? If none of these two are easy, I do have the UNL, Boston University,Iowa University and University of Conn admissions. Can anyone give me some information about these programs? I really help

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    http://www.actuary.com/actuarial-dis...hread.php?1569 - point #4. Since you're an international student and will need sponsorship, that's going to be the bigger hurdle.
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