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Thread: Are "Actuarial Mathematics" and "Models for Quantifying Risk" really necessary???

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    Actuary.com - Level I Poster
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    May 2010

    Are "Actuarial Mathematics" and "Models for Quantifying Risk" really necessary???


    I plan to give MLC in November. I initially planned to study from ASM only (the new 11th edition with the syllabus changes).

    But a friend of mine told me that I must study from "Actuarial Mathematics" (the new one with the changes) and/or from "Models for Quantifying Risk".

    I am confused. Should I study from (i). ASM only or (ii). ASM with either AM or MQR or (iii). Just AM and MQR???

    Please reply.


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    Actuary.com - Level III Poster
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    Jan 2011
    I am going to write it in May and use ASM only.

    From what I have heard of, any of those 3 those options is fine.

    Better to ask your friend why those textbooks are necessary.

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