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Thread: future job outlook for actuary

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    Actuary.com - Level I Poster
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    Jul 2006
    U.S Ca, Ukiah

    future job outlook for actuary

    Hi everyone, I had asked some question in this forum before…. I still concern, how hard is to get as job as an actuary. My question is what the job outlook for actuary is for the future? I hope some of you guys can give a good answer.

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    Actuary.com - Level I Poster
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    Feb 2007
    Google's your friend...


    Government economists expect jobs for actuaries to grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2014. Change in the insurance business should create demand for actuaries. As the population grows and ages, health and long-term-care insurance will be in demand. Secondly, there's a growing awareness of certain risks, such as terrorism. Insurance companies need actuaries to create products that address these risks.

    Many people buy insurance even when budgets are tight. That's why layoffs in this career are rare.

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    Actuary.com - Level II Poster
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    Jan 2007
    The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook provides job outlooks. Here's the link to what it has to say about actuaries. http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos041.htm

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    Actuary.com - Level VI Poster
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    Mar 2005
    From what I've heard, the only type of actuaries that might experience a decline in employment are pension actuaries. Besides that, I think the profession is always looking for good candidates to fill positions.

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    Actuary.com - Level I Poster
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    Jul 2006
    U.S Ca, Ukiah


    Thank you, for your information. I asked this question, because I will graduate in two more years. I am very interesting in actuary, I saw what are the skills required to pass the exams. My school offers a BS in applied mathematics and statistics. The classes that you take are very helpful for the exam, like (Linear programming, Numerical Analysis, Probability Statistics, Mathematical Statistics and off course the lower divisions that are calculus 1,2,3..Linear Algebra, Differential equations and the core that are abstract algebra and real analysis.) …even if you have this foundation of math what should be other requirements to get a job right after graduation.

    I live in California; it is easy to get a job in this state?

    Oh, by the way my name is Jose, I am from Mexico. I have been living here in the U.S for almost five years. I hope my English is good it should be better, but I really don’t read or write, only when I to do some class work.

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    Actuary.com - Level II Poster
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    Jan 2007
    Have you sat/passed any exams? That's the most important thing in getting a job whether it's in CA or anywhere else.

    Regarding your English, it seems pretty good, but it wouldn't hurt you to do some reading and practice your grammar outside of class to make sure it's perfect.

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