Miami University

Recently began a Minor in Actuarial Science.

Contact Information

School Information

Department: Department of Mathematics and Statistics

Main Contact - First Name: David

Main Contact - Last Name: Groggel

Main Contact - Title: Associate Professor

Main Contact - Email:

Main Contact - Phone: 513-529-6087

Advisor - First Name: David

Advisor - Last Name: Groggel

Advisor - Title: Associate Professor

Advisor - Email:

Advisor - Phone: 513-529-6087

Actuarial Science Degree offered: No

Degrees Offered in Actuarial Science: None in Actuarial Science

# Grads w/BS, MS, PhD in Actuarial Science Last Year: 0

# Students who Passed Actuarial Exams Last Year: 7

Offers "Concentration" in Actuarial Science: Yes

Offers Support for First Actuarial Exam: Yes

Offers Support for First Four Actuarial Exams: No

Actuarial Club: No

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