University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Actuarial Applications in Practice course helps students transition from theory to practice. Course uses case studies to introduce software actuaries use to complete actuarial tasks, and introduces considerations in actuarial applications - assumption set?

Contact Information

School Information

Main Contact - First Name: Warren

Main Contact - Last Name: Luckner, FSA, CFA

Main Contact - Title: David P. Hayes Memorial Chair in Actuarial Science

Main Contact - Email:

Main Contact - Phone: 402-472-1981

Advisor - First Name: Warren

Advisor - Last Name: Luckner, FSA, CFA

Advisor - Title: David P. Hayes Memorial Chair in Actuarial Science

Advisor - Email:

Advisor - Phone: 402-472-1981

Actuarial Science Degree offered: Yes

Degrees Offered in Actuarial Science: Bachelors,Masters

# Grads w/BS, MS, PhD in Actuarial Science Last Year: 20-25

# Students who Passed Actuarial Exams Last Year: 45

Offers "Concentration" in Actuarial Science: Not Applicable

Offers Support for First Actuarial Exam: Yes

Offers Support for First Four Actuarial Exams: Yes

Actuarial Club: Yes

Club Contact - First Name: Warren

Club Contact - Last Name: Luckner

Club Contact - Email:

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