University of Texas at Austin

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School Information

Department: Mathematics

Main Contact - First Name: Jim

Main Contact - Last Name: Daniel

Main Contact - Title: Director of Actuarial Studies

Main Contact - Email:

Main Contact - Phone: 512-471-7168

Advisor - First Name: Jim

Advisor - Last Name: Daniel

Advisor - Title: Director of Actuarial Studies

Advisor - Email:

Advisor - Phone: 512-471-7168

Actuarial Science Degree offered: Yes

Degrees Offered in Actuarial Science: Bachelors,Masters

# Grads w/BS, MS, PhD in Actuarial Science Last Year: 40

# Students who Passed Actuarial Exams Last Year: 40

Offers "Concentration" in Actuarial Science: Not Applicable

Offers Support for First Actuarial Exam: Yes

Offers Support for First Four Actuarial Exams: Yes

Actuarial Club: Yes

Club Contact - First Name: Travis

Club Contact - Last Name: Weber

Club Contact - Email:

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