University of Western Ontario

If students in our program take the proper courses, they will have the background to write the first four actuarial exams, plus get some background for some of the later exams.

Contact Information

School Information

Department: Statistical and Actuarial Sciences

Main Contact - First Name: Steve

Main Contact - Last Name: Kopp

Main Contact - Title: Actuary/Instructor

Main Contact - Email:

Main Contact - Phone: 519-661-2111

Advisor - First Name: Steve

Advisor - Last Name: Kopp

Advisor - Email:

Advisor - Phone: 519-661-2111

Actuarial Science Degree offered: Yes

Degrees Offered in Actuarial Science: Bachelors

# Grads w/BS, MS, PhD in Actuarial Science Last Year: 20

# Students who Passed Actuarial Exams Last Year: 35

Offers "Concentration" in Actuarial Science: Not Applicable

Offers Support for First Actuarial Exam: Yes

Offers Support for First Four Actuarial Exams: Yes

Actuarial Club: Yes

Club Contact - First Name: Shawn

Club Contact - Last Name: Kalwaney

Club Contact - Email:

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