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  1. Why go into life and annuities instead of casualty?
  2. Pricing Joint Lives
  3. How to find a niche for people who have a software engineer background
  4. Principle Based Reserves
  5. about advanced multiple life theory
  6. Group Life Filings
  7. Free Life Insurance- what is the actuarial perspective?
  8. Term Life discoveries
  9. Which mortality table(s) can I use for an annuity?
  10. Premium Finance and Life Settlement, LDOs new frontier
  11. Help! Need help with Life Mortality Study
  12. what do you do!?
  13. annuity formula
  14. monthly reserving methods for group term life
  15. How to price AD&D and TPD riders?
  16. Which is the best/most challenging FSA designation?
  17. calculating interest rate of an annuity when AV is given
  18. Life Insurance Salary Survey – C-level, covering 10 companies
  19. Books for Reinsurance Pricing
  20. Calculating PVFP - Swiss Life Example
  21. Life Contingencies: Computer Spreadsheets and EPV Calculations
  22. EPV ofa life insurance benefit of one unit of money if the interest rate were to = 0
  23. Compound discount and compound interest
  24. Inputting “age band” rate tables to excel