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  1. What does an investment actuary do?
  2. The Global Data and Risk Management Survey 2005
  3. Alternative investments and optimal portfolios
  4. Study Manual for Exam CSP???
  5. International Finance
  6. Blur....
  7. Looking for advice
  8. Looking for Ideas for Actuarial and Investment Software
  9. deferred perpetuity question
  10. What is Deferred Perpetuity?
  11. Perpetual endowment question
  12. Hedging guaranteed annuity options (GAO)
  13. Are there banks that support taking exams?
  14. qualitative reasoning above quantitative reasoning.
  15. erm
  16. Soccer Scores Modelling
  17. Which is the best/most challenging FSA designation?
  18. Finance
  19. Stock Market
  20. difference between ECBs and FCCBs
  21. What is the difference between.....
  22. Hedging in Insurance Industry.
  23. Acturial Reserve
  24. CFSA Passed now looking at CIA
  25. French Mutual Insurers say Solvency II might require 3 to 10 times more capital
  26. Federal Reserve working paper recommends a new bond insurer be formed
  27. EU Insurers May Outsource Asset Management Due to Solvency II + Other Regulations
  28. US Federal Reserve to approve another $500 Billion in Printing
  29. Ambac bankruptcy
  30. Downloadable presentation on second half 2010 insurance mergers and acquisitions
  31. Risk Management presentations
  32. Conservation, Environmental, Ecological & subsequent Ethical issues, impacts & trends