View Full Version : Three way to get or keep job during a recession time

April 29th 2009, 01:51 AM
Come up with ways to cut costs. See areas of waste at your company? Point out practical ways to improve efficiency and cut costs in the workplace. Obviously, now is not the time to ask for a raise. Someone who is innovative at stretching resources is more valuable than someone who does nothing more than consume them.
Boost your visibility. You want to be noticed in a positive way. Make sure you are on time to work, and that you limit your vacation time. Also, if you are making solid contributions, make sure that they are noticed. You should make sure that your boss is aware of what you add to the company.
Look for ways to go beyond what you've been told to do. Volunteer for additional tasks. But be careful!You want to be known as a go-getter who gets the job done well.