View Full Version : CPCU 540 for corporate finance

September 4th 2009, 10:13 AM
I'm curious to hear from those who have taken CPCU 540. Which study materials did you use? On the website, there are several options:

-54001: Course guide and practice exams access, $50
-54002: Textbook, $110
-54008V: Video, $40
-540CP: Comprehensive pack - Course guide, text, SMART study aids, $240
-540RP: required package - course guide, text, $160
-540S: SMART study aids, $80

I'm incredibly cheap and would like to get the best bang for my buck. I've heard that some people pass while only looking at the SMART study aids. I'm leaning towards getting the study aids and course guide with practice exams for $130, bypassing the textbook.

If you've taken this exam, what has been your experience with the study materials?

December 18th 2009, 04:06 PM
Does anyone have any cpcu 540 study material for sell?