View Full Version : Has anyone taken the Actex Time Series course?

November 4th 2009, 12:44 PM
I was hoping to get some advice regarding the Actex course for Time Series. The next course date offering is from Dec 8 to Jan 26th, so I was worried about having holiday interests interfering with my studies.

How is the course organized?
Are there weekly assignments that are due at the end of the week, or can you complete the assignments at your own pace?
What are the assignments and exams like? Are the assignments hard, time consuming, etc? Is the exam tough, or easy enough if you keep up with assignments?

Thank you for your time and suggestions.

Lauren At Actex
November 5th 2009, 09:31 AM
Hi epeddy1-

Our Online Course for Time Series is changing a little bit for the December session. The instructor plans to add assignments into the weekly structure for this session to allow students a better idea of their performance throughout the course.

I do not have a course outline for December yet, but if you would like to message me your email address, I would be happy to send you a past outline to give you an idea. I would also be happy to send you a copy of the new outline as soon as it becomes available.

The instructor of this course will provide a holiday break from December 22 - 29. She is usually pretty understanding of students' travel schedules as well. If you should decide to take the course, I would highly suggest contacting Alison on the first day to communicate any schedule conflicts that you anticipate so she can help you to work around them.

I hope that this helps! Please let me know if I may be of any further assistance.