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December 7th 2009, 08:23 AM
Hello, I am a Maths BSc graduate from England (graduated the summer just gone with a first class honours..grade A's in the majority of modules, including Calculus I,II,III, Algebra, Statistics I,II, Probability I,II, Actuarial module etc). I would like to work in the Actuarial field, however for the last 3 months I have been in Barcelona studying the language and would like to spend a few years there as I have started a relationship there. However the plan is (whether things go well or not with my girlfriend) to move back to London within 2 years.

Due to this, I have three questions:

1) Of course being a new graduate I am not qualified and so will begin taking the exams. If I spend 2 years taking exams in Spain will I be able to move back to England and continue my qualifications from where I left off in Spain?

2) If I am not able to change countries during the taking of exams, I would stay in Barcelona until I am fullly qualified. Will this make it more easy to move back to England, having taken all my qualifications in Spain rather than moving countries?

3) I would like to work for a company that has branches in both Spain and England, as I want to lay down my situation during the interview and not show that I am looking to just work at the Spanish company for a few years and then quit and change company when I want to move back to England. I've found lists of Actuarial companies in England and managed to cross-reference a few of them to see if they are international, but does anyone have a comprehensive list of international Actuarial companies?

Thanks very much