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February 28th 2006, 11:56 PM
1. how much programming does a actuary need to know beside the excel and access?

2. what are good way to learn excel and access? Please recommend me some books. thanks a lot

March 1st 2006, 08:18 AM
Books I recommend:
Excel 2003 Programming
Excel Data Analysis and Business Modeling
Access Step by Step
Access Inside Out

These are all from the Microsoft Press and have helped me considerably during my first year.

Being able to use VBA to write macros in Excel and Access and has helped me automate much of the work I'm given. It's probably not required to get a job but it certainly helps. Also, I recommend knowing some basic SQL to help write Access queries.

Irish Blues
March 1st 2006, 08:35 AM
How much programming? None. If you've got the experience it's a plus but it's not a make-or-break thing. If you can program in one language (C, C++, Java, VBA) then you at least understand how to program and the steps needed to write a good program. All that's left is to learn the syntax used in other languages, as long as you understand the basic concepts that are core to every language out there (loops, conditional statements, assigning values) you're 3/4 of the way there.