View Full Version : spying on my time schedule

April 26th 2006, 05:55 PM
I've posted a post before about people monitor my time schedule for the study time.
Is it very common because of competition, people who are taking exams are crazy monitoring other people who are also preparing for the exam, like when she leave, when she come, counted how many hours the manager give her..etc. My coworker usually ask me to run some simulation for her, in this way she could get exact time when I leave...., It is not I am suspicous, because they did that before, and use it to complain with my manager. ( at that time, my manager say that I could leave early to prepare for the exam, since their complain I did not do it anymore). .....

I feel very sick about it and very upset now. It is as if they could do anything to me. I would like to know if it is very common in all the companies.... Thanks.

April 27th 2006, 07:29 AM
Not where I'm at. There are several of us taking exams and we're all very supportive of eachother. We are given a set amount of paid study hours and submit a study schedule based on those hours. We can use our paid study time at home, at the office, or anywhere we please. It sounds like you are either working with a bad group or are a little paranoid. My advice: If you're following company policy, don't worry about what they think. If they're talking about it behind your back, confront them and have an open discussion. If you don't do this, it won't stop. Good Luck.