View Full Version : Question for Dr. Ostaszewski

May 23rd 2006, 03:45 PM
Dr Chris,

Can you please address the following questions:

1) What are the NEAS study manuals that I need to buy for preparing towards exam M. I am appearing for it in Nov' 06. Due to work/time constraints, I cannot afford to attend the seminar. I intend to do a self-study with your manuals.

2) Has the syllabus changed since May' 06 sitting?

3) I am a career changer with software engineering background of about 7 years. I passed exam P and FM last year. I work in the Dallas area. I have been searching for an actuarial position and I am open to a pay cut since I am changing careers. I have no luck so far in finding a position in Dallas since all the advertised positions ask for actuarial experience. Looks like I am at a disadvantate since I am not a fresh grad (I passed out in 1999). Can you please offer your advise for career changers like me?