View Full Version : To prepare for the exam in November

May 28th 2006, 10:53 PM
As title.

For those who just took the exam, how did you prepare for it? Do you think it was an effective approach for preparation now that you done the exam?

What are the strength and weakness of the market available study notes?

June 22nd 2006, 02:10 PM
I almost feel like you have to prepare like you are taking the exam in early October, do practice exams, and then read and practice the parts that you didn't understand on the practice exams. My plan of attack is to read the material once, completely, doing just a few example problems as I go and gaining a general understanding. Then I do practice problems and gain an understanding of how the material is used. Then I read through the material again and everything seems to make a lot more sense the 2nd time through. Lastly do practice exams and afterwords brush up on the areas that seemed difficult. Time management is key so make sure you do full length, time practice exams. Unless you have unbelievable command of the material you will not have time on the exam to sit there and do each problem and make sure you do it correctly. You need a plan to rule out which questions to skip and when to give up if you can't solve one. Otherwise you will get stuck on one problem and miss out on doing 2 others that were easy because of it.

I use the bpp manuals. I find for someone that has not seen the material before they that are very usefull. I think Actex is better for those that have some past experience with the material or perhaps using both would work well.