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August 14th 2006, 09:57 AM
I am an international student pursuing PhD in Applied Mathematics from Florida Institue of Technology, Melbourne (USA), Florida. I am from India, on F1 (student visa). I gave exam 1/P this summer (2006) and passed the exam. I am planning to give exam 2/FM this novemeber (2006). I have a master's degree in Applied statistics and bachelor's degree in computer science, both from India. I have 2 more years to finish the PhD. I am working as an intern with GE, but this is not actuarial internship.
I want to know my career opportunites in industry/companies (not as a professor). What positions (entry level) can i be eligble for in actuary with a PhD degree? Is it better to convert the PhD degree to Masters to make an excellent career in actuary...or can i continue with what i am doing? Does having a PhD degree entitles for "over qualified" for an acutuary in an industry?
Also, where can i find paid actuarial internships?
Or may be u can guide me where to find answers for the above questions....
Please guide me...