View Full Version : Competition for entry-level actuarial jobs?

November 1st 2006, 11:09 AM
If you want to work for a decent business, you will be competing with other applications for an entry-level, actuarial, position. For example, there are 4 openings and 6 job applicants for one of the positions I applied for. What makes a candidate's resume stay at the top of the pile of resumes and at the bottom?

I have a P on Exam P and a BA in Mathematics....

How qualified is the competition?

Irish Blues
November 1st 2006, 11:17 AM
Resume appearance. A lot of people throw a resume together and it looks like something a 4th grader would do, and it gets discarded immediately. If you've got good grades, that will stand out. Good performance on exams, steady progress, ... employers like that.

After that, it's all about how well you interview and how well you present yourself. When I was hired, I had one of the five people I talked to tell me that he thought I wanted this job more than anyone else he had ever seen, and two others said they thought after learning how I went to school and worked full-time while starting a family and passing exams, there wasn't much of a question as to whether or not I could pass exams and my presentation let them know I was absolutely serious about staying in the field.

Things you don't want to do in an interview (I think I've mentioned these elsewhere, but saying it again never hurts):
-- Be cocky or arrogant
-- Ask about money (NEVER ask how much money the interviewer makes or how much any position starts out at)
-- Not ask any questions
-- Sit quietly and not say anything (especially at lunch)
-- Mention things that you're pretty sure might strike you from contention (example: one candidate pretty much guaranteed a 'no' after asking when background checks would be done because they were scheduled in court in a few weeks on a felony theft charge and didn't want it to show up on their background check)
-- Sound combative or come across as argumentative