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January 16th 2007, 11:23 AM

I am Melonie Henke and just graduated with my MBA-finance last summer. I am way out in left field with my decision to become an actuary (since even my undergrad was a social science). However, I have always been good in math and find this type of work more interesting than a lot of my other possible job opportunities. I began studying for Exam P last December, but held off on signing up for the Feb. test date. I decided to take a few math courses at my local college to brush up for the exam and they have been very helpful in answering math questions I have about Exam P. I am also gearing up to take Exam FM in May since I believe that exam should be easier for me. I am located in the Raleigh/East Carolina region of North Carolina off I-95 if anyone is interested in meeting for study dates.

Good luck and happy studying!