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January 21st 2007, 02:32 PM
I have 5 interviews throughout Monday (tomorrow) for my college's recruitment conference. 3 of them are consecutive, and the rule is to show up 15 mins earlier. With each interview being half an hour long,...
(1) do the interviews last the entire 30 minutes? My guess is that they will, but I believe the interview rooms are close to each other.
(2) Was I supposed to write my thank you letter to the recruiters before my interviews, or do I write them after my interviews?
(3) I have to fill out a questionnaire for one of the companies, and it asks for, in a table, the exams you have taken and their scores. So I have passed FM in May 2006, failed P in Dec 2006, and I'm taking P again this Feb. Do I write my entire history of exams taken, or do I leave out the one I failed, and just say I'm taking it in Feb?


January 22nd 2007, 07:14 AM
1. They will probably last the full 30 minutes.
2. After your interviews.
3. Only list the exams you have passed. Only mention exams you have failed if you are specifically asked.

Good luck.