View Full Version : Help on actuarial software - ResQ; functionality - Bootstrapping

July 25th 2013, 03:51 AM
I am being assigned the task of performing bootstrapping analysis using ResQ software. I read numerous research papers and ResQ manual, I understand the concept of boostrapping however when I plugged in the data into ResQ for analysis. I am unable to comprehend the functionality provided from ResQ. For example, what is the alpha parameter stands for in the Mack model, what is the bias and unbias adjustment in the residuals and basically how to use ResQ to perform bootstrap analysis? what I should pay attention to?

I work in actuarial profession for five years and had been dealt with reseving, modelling and regulatory work. Bootstrapping analysis is a complete new field and my team is only me and my manager, i found no one to seek for advise other than in search from forum. Any advise are appreciated.