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August 15th 2005, 07:37 PM
I hear such terrible things about the job market in Canada. Why was I born without a green card?!

Straight to the point. Im 18, going into college (Mcgill in Montreal, Quebec), going for my second exam (FM) soon, but most importantly I am a canadian citizen.
How can break into the US job market. If an insurance company wants me, is that enough to be issued a green card? Would anyone hire me under those conditions? Is an internship possible?
I am willing to go down south to search for a job, even for summer positions.

Arrg! (repeat)
I know, unusual questions, but would be very grateful for advice.

-Trapped in Canada

P.S. although, pretty snow here

August 15th 2005, 10:38 PM
This doesn't answer your question, but if you already are working towards your second exam before you start college, you will probably end up towards the top of the entry level pool when you finish college even if you are in Canada.

September 11th 2005, 02:54 PM
Strange! I have no idea why you want to get into the US job market. There's plenty of actuarial positons, entry-level, internships, ....etc. in canada.
What part of canada are you from?
If you're still in school (which would make sense since your 18) then get into a universtiy and get yourself an Acturial Science Degree.
Waterloo Universtiy has the best University for Math and possilbely computer science. The are one of two universities ( I believe ) in North America with a Faculty of Math.

September 14th 2005, 07:53 PM
The are one of two universities ( I believe ) in North America with a Faculty of Math.

I'm pretty sure there's more than one or two.

October 31st 2005, 08:33 PM
I don't know whether you'll get to read this post UnluckyCanuck, but I went to McGill, and it DOES NOT have an Actuarial Science program which is highly recommended for a career as an actuary. I switched after a year to Université de Montréal because I live in Québec. But as Alice2005 said, University of Waterloo is definitely THE best place for this program. IF you think you can actually get in, I suggest you apply, and then make a thourough decision. Good luck !

P.S: Job opportunities and internships are more than available in Canada, Quebec and Ontario, WLOG.

November 1st 2005, 01:56 PM
I know nothing about the Canadian job market - but I do know that my stepmom used to work for MetLife, and they certainly hired non-US residents and had to apply for work permits for them. THere are quotas and limits and some companies don't bother, though.