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Irish Blues
November 29th 2007, 06:18 PM
And so ... we try this again - with what I'm expecting will be a better result in the end.

Martin Birkenheier
December 18th 2007, 11:05 AM

great to see that someone else is taking the Exam in Spring 08.

It's my first "upper level" exam, so any hints are very welcome :)

Irish Blues
December 18th 2007, 04:47 PM
Suggestions ...

The syllabus? Read all of it - don't skimp on things. I tried this last time around and missed passing by 1-2 points.

Especially know McClenahan, the CPCU stuff, and both Feldblum papers. That right there is probably 60% of the exam - and you're not going to get all of the points on these papers, either.

Find a set of study materials you're comfortable with, and pound away at them. Mahler's NEAS notes are great for most of the non-CPCU stuff - he doesn't cover the Feldblum papers, Boor's "Complement of Credibility", Marker/Mohl, Graves/Castillo, or Palmer. I hear good things about "The Infinite Actuary", but I've never used it. All-10 is hot and cold - it's either great or ''''', depending on who you talk to. [For Exam 6, it's great.]

If you don't have plans to start around January 1, alter your schedule to start around then . You will need all 4 months and change to get ready for this.

Look at past exams, know what's been commonly asked. That's what you should focus on. If it's an exhibit, be able to reproduce it. If it's an important theme, be able to explain it. You won't need to know every thought presented, but you [i]will need to know what each paper is trying to say and be able to explain it quickly

That will get you started ... more when we get closer to the exam. :D

Martin Birkenheier
December 19th 2007, 02:38 AM
Thanks a lot Irish :)

Actually I was plannign to start in February, but I think I will have to move this a little up front :(

Your hints are great, especially what to focus on. I usually try not to omit things for exams, they always might ask a question they never have before. But on the other hand, if the material is too much, you have to take your chances. Sorry to hear that it was so close for you last time.

Good luck with you studies, I'm always up for discussing things, so keep in touch ;-)