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December 5th 2007, 08:15 PM
I plan on sitting for CAS3 in october 2008. I also have roughly a year left of university courses to get my bachelors of math science. I would like to prepare for CAS3 through use of a study manual and taking university courses that will credit my degree, however, since my school's actuarial department is relatively new they only offer courses that directly prepare you for P and FM. But they say that the following courses will aid the student for exam 3(which I imagine means that some of the material is useful for the exam and the context is not actuarial based)

STA 4234 Applied Statistics I. Point and interval estimation, hypothesis tests, nonparametric procedures, contingency tables. Essential distribution theory. Linear models, including multiple regression and analysis of variance. Emphasis on data analysis, statistical graphics, and diagnostics via personal computing.

STA 4203 Applied Statistics II. Multivariate statistical methods, including the multivariate normal distribution, component analysis, factor analysis, multivariate analysis of variance and regression, discriminant analysis, and causal modeling. Students will use SAS and/or SPSS statistical software.

Do these courses cover CAS exam 3 topics or is most of it stuff I don't need to learn? How useful will these courses be for Exam CAS3 and are they worth taking?

Irish Blues
December 5th 2007, 08:25 PM
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