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September 25th 2005, 05:40 PM
I am a high school senior strongly interested in being an actuary. However I do have a few questions. First, where do you learn the skills to become an actuary? The college I am going to , Michigan State University, do not have an actuarial science degree. What should I major in that would help me become an actuary? I prefer something with econimcs and business. Second, I hear actuaries dont have to go to grad school, but is going to grad school highly recommended? and what would I go to grad school for?

September 25th 2005, 10:40 PM
You learn skills at your first job. Economics and business are good degrees to get. Just pass exams along the way. Make sure you take courses that satisfy VEE. If you don't know what that is, check www.soa.org or www.beanactuary.org. Only go to grad school if that's what you want to do. It won't be extremely helpful to your job search.

Irish Blues
September 26th 2005, 07:58 AM
IMO, you don't learn as much as you either have or don't have. An actuary's work doesn't just involve doing math - it's a big part of course, but it also involves looking at what has happened and what is happening and being able to accurately predict what's going on. This isn't math - this is more intuition. It's knowing how what you do affects what others do - if you change a model, what effects does it have?

I went to a university without an actuarial science program - it's not a hindrance, but going somewhere with a degree program might be more helpful. IIRC, there are only a couple of places with graduate programs in actuarial science - Illinois State was one of them. Learn/ask what classes you need to take that you'd have to take at another university and that will give you a solid base to work from.

June 21st 2007, 10:56 AM
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June 21st 2007, 12:06 PM
How much do Actuarial Analysts make generally?
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