View Full Version : Exactly what topics in maths and stats are needed?

April 15th 2008, 03:28 AM
Hi, i am sunny from Pakistan and i have done BBA 90 credit hours 3.6 CGPA with A grade At 80% and MBA Human resource management with CGPA 2.97 and grading criteria is A grade at 90%.

I have taken some maths and stats courses but it has been mostly management and social sciences. So my advanced maths skills are a little rusty for now.I recently came to know about actuarial sciences careers and took an interest in them. Please, tell me how much and what type of maths is needed. I have some calculus and statistics books for BSC level will they be sufficient? I have heard that actuarial exams are more probability than maths is it true and how many exams are there in total. Also, please inform me how does an atuarian compare with a FINANCIAL ENGINEER and can an actuary work as a financial engineer and vice versa?

Please tell me what topics in maths and stats are required.?

July 2nd 2010, 12:19 AM
HI Sunny,
Are you still studying for actuarial exams?