View Full Version : Tip for online learning: online book services

July 10th 2008, 08:39 PM
I've come across some major problems when trying to learn new tech, such as

* the official online documentation or help, if any, is a reference guide and not a learning guide
* free online tutorials are often incomplete and/or poorly written
* physical IT books can be pretty expensive, especially if you only plan on reading them once

So here's a tip: there are websites out there that function like online libraries for IT and other types of books. I won't mention any by name so people don't think I'm advertising, but they can be found through some basic internet searching. Also if you have a particular IT book you like, you can look for it online and see if a service comes up that offers it.

You can select a paid subscription plan and get online access to a wide selection of professional, legit books. One month subscription can be significantly cheaper than buying a physical copy of even one book that you can get access to through a service. Some of these services offer free trials. Depending on the service and plan you may be able to download books for offline viewing.

I don't think there are any services for exam books, I'm afraid. (If there are, please let me know! :)) But if you want to learn Excel, VBA, Access, SQL, SAS, LaTeX, Windows, Linux, C, Java etc etc, those books are out there.

Hope this helps someone :)