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Double T
November 12th 2005, 07:11 PM
Hi everyone,

Congratulations all the candidates who passed the September 2005 P/1 exam.:)

I hope you all can share some study experience with me.

I have a Math degree in BS. I am going to take the Feb 06 P/1 exam. I have pretty much Math background like all the calculas, probability, and i took a lot of analysis senior class. I found there are couple of the P exam online course available, and i have some questions and hope you all can give me some suggestion.

1) Does anyone of you was taking those kind of online courses?? Do you think it is very useful? I am also going to buy one more study guide. Do you think that is good enough if i don't want to take those online courses (one of the reason is I can't afford it, it is expensive).

2)I am going to buy "Actex Study Manual for the SOA P / CAS 1, 2005 Ed." by Broverman. What do u guys think about this study guide?? Is it a really good study guide?? It is because the first one I bought is not that good b'coz it doesn't have enough practice problem.

3) Does anyone know if they have a new edition's coming out for the exam in 2006? or it gonna be the same?

4) Any study groups in Houston, TX? I know nobody who is studying actuarial, so I want to find some companies then we can help and encourage each other.

Thanks for all of your help



November 13th 2005, 07:20 AM
I also am a BS Math mayor and could not afford the on-line courses, but passed P. I believe a good study guide will do the trick if it has enough practice questions. That is the key!!!! PRACTICE against the clock(once you know the work and can do the SOA problems).
I would rather pay $80 for 10 on-line exams(see the Actuarial Bookstore - it's new) than a couple a hundred for the entire course.