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November 13th 2005, 05:17 AM
I am a Missouri native, but oddly enough, am a mathematics student at a university in Taiwan. During my second year in Southwest Missouri State's mathematics department, my wife (I married a Taiwanese girl at 21) discovered that her father had a brain tumor. We moved to Taiwan to look after him. I have been determined to be an actuary since I was in high school and chose to complete my degree in Taiwan. I am one semester away from graduating, just passed Exam P and am preparing for FM.
Having experience studying in the U.S. and in Taiwan, I can assure everyone that the mathematics and statistics training I have received here in Taiwan is very high (in my opinion, much stronger than what I was getting in the States). My goal is to eventually find a job for an international insurance company, hopefully working in Taiwan or China (I am fluent in spoken and written Chinese).
I was just wondering if any employers knew whether my Taiwan ChungHsing University degree would be frowned upon when applying for a job?

November 21st 2005, 01:52 AM
I believe you won't have any problem in Taiwan, in mainland China, I would suggest you add some US experience, even it's study experience.