View Full Version : Perpetual Options in Actex

September 23rd 2008, 07:41 PM
So I was under the assumption that perpetual options weren't going to be on this exam at least the syllabus has us ignore the reading. Can someone else confirm that we can ignore all of the perpetual problems in the Actex? In the errata it says to throw some out but it doesn't for all of them.

October 13th 2008, 01:57 PM
yeah, i noticed that, too. according to the soa syllabus it says to skip that section (know sections 12.1-12.5 only and 12.6 covers perpetual options http://soa.org/files/pdf/edu-2008-fall-exam-m.pdf). when i was going over the may '07 mfe, there was a question about perpetual options that i missed of course, so i guess it must've been on the old syllabus. but it confused me that actex gave the solutions for those book questions instead of saying something like "these aren't covered..." blah, blah. but, we don't have to know it.