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  1. Replies

    Government default risk

    Do not Rely on the Government
    Governments will become less and less important in the future. You should not rely on them for your income, either as an employee, or as a social security/pension...
  2. Replies

    The New Little Known Prevalent Diseases

    ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis), CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and Fibromyalgia now impact about 13% of the Western population of the world. They are simply the body effects of recovering from...
  3. Actuarial analysis of Unemployment rate trends

    Here is a summary of my analysis for the UK. I believe that the US will not be very different.
    The true unemployment rate (including the excess of normal levels of youngsters economically inactive)...
  4. Replies

    The US: A basket case economy

    The US economy is propped up with foreign capital, just like many 'third' world countries.
    As soon as the next economic/financial crisis hits the world, in my view very soon, foreign capital will...
  5. Replies

    Natural Disasters

    In the following article on my website www.lovingheartcentre.net, I set out my analysis and conclusions about the frequency of natural disasters in the world. Incidentally, when the target of...
  6. Investing on the Stock Market and in Property

    Dear all
    I wrote the following article for my website, www.lovingheartcentre.net. There is also a detailed analysis spreadsheet which goes with the article, it can be found in the list of articles...
  7. Replies

    Type II Diabetes

    I am here writing about my analysis of the trends in type II diabetes, as set out in my recent (www.lovingheartcentre.net) blog:
    '24 January 2014

    According to Wiki, "Rates of type 2 diabetes have...
  8. Statistical Relationship Between Unemployment and Crime

    I am setting out below my analysis of why I believe crime rates are set to explode, as set out in my recent Blog of 24 January 2014:
    'Crime. I ran a statistical analysis of unemployment rates and...
  9. How to Maximise Your Profit When Selling Goods and Services

    I have constructed a spreadsheet that is of general benefit to anyone (company or individual) in the world selling any service or goods.
    Unfortunately, the file uploader on this site does not accept...
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