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    Thank you for getting back to me. For the most...

    Thank you for getting back to me. For the most part, I feel comfortable with the overall material but as I am on a budget, the only resource I used was Finan's free FM/2 study guide, which I thought...
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    Big changes, there are no derivative markets on...

    Big changes, there are no derivative markets on the 2005 exam (those are strictly interest-rate theory problems I believe). Interest-rate theory comprises of around 65% of the FM exam today, give or...
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    Is the ADAPT FM 2-Day Trial worth it?

    I'm sitting for the FM/2 exam next Thursday and I'm a bit on a budget. Can someone ask me how the ADAPT trials work? Would the 2-day trial even be worth it (as in would I even have enough time to...
  4. Benefits of pursuing a master's in actuarial science?

    I'm currently a recent June 2012 graduate holding a double-degree in Mathematics (GPA 3.17) and Management Science (GPA 3.41) with an overal GPA of 3.18. I have fulfilled the VEE requirements and I...
  5. ASM Manual 11th Edition Like-New and In-Binder $50 (No Shipping)

    i have an asm 11th edition manual for sale for $50. it's already in the binder and is ready to ship. i hardly used it for less than a month for my january sitting.

    it's a bit of an old edition...
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    thanks for your guys' help. i'm pretty new to...

    thanks for your guys' help. i'm pretty new to this site so i didn't know.
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    Need help on Exam P Question

    An automobile insurance company issues a one-year policy with a deductible
    of 500. The probability is 0.8 that the insured automobile has no accident and
    0.0 that the automobile has more than one...
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    ASM P Exam Manual Needed!

    Hi, I am looking for an ASM P Exam manual (basically just looking for lots of old/practice exams) for my test in January. Newer editions preferred, please e-mail me at davidjaeyunkim@yahoo.com with...
  9. Preparing to be an actuary/What kind of job experience should I have?

    I am currently a senior double-majoring in Mathematics and Management Science at University of California, San Diego. However, I have just recently decided that I want to pursue my career as an...
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