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  1. Thank you once again sir, The "much more than...

    Thank you once again sir, The "much more than math" is a definite benefit for me. I have always excelled at math, but I do lack education in calculus. However, comprehension, critical thinking, and...
  2. Irish - thank you. I truly appreciate your...

    Irish - thank you. I truly appreciate your counsel. I have looked into the exams and understand their difficulty. let us assume I am capable of passing said tests. I do need to more thoroughly...
  3. Thinking of switching careers to being an Actuary - advise me great sages

    Hello there ladies and gents,

    I am a 25 year old man who is thinking of pursuing a career as an actuary. I have some essential questions for you.

    Are my motivations realistic?

    - I am not...
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