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  1. Will Exam 1/P help in other professions?

    I've been studying for the 1st actuarial exam 1/P for a year, but now I think I'd rather go into analytics, stats, etc. I don't want all the studying to go to waste so I still want to pass the exam...
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    Exam P question

    A panel of 8 judges contains 5 women and 3 men. On a certain ruling, the 5 women voted in favor of the defendant, and the 3 men voted against it. This could potentially be viewed as gender bias....
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    Oh finally just found my score. Their site...

    Oh finally just found my score. Their site navigation needs improving and more clarity in my opinion

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    Are we given our exam results?

    I took Exam 1/P in January. I was wondering if anyone knows if we get the results for the 30 questions? I would like to see which questions I got right and wrong.

  5. yeah i studied about 100 hours in the month...

    yeah i studied about 100 hours in the month before Exam P, and i only knew how to do like 10/30 questions
  6. I'm in pretty much the same boat. RPI Junior,...

    I'm in pretty much the same boat. RPI Junior, Industrial Engineer, just failed Exam P last Thursday, would like to pass the first 2 by graduation. Honestly, the best strategy I've heard (from that...
  7. Hey guys (and gals), I need some advice

    So I'm taking Exam P in 1 week, and I only started studying over my winter break for the last 4 weeks. Problem is, I am terrible at the pure calculus problems, particularly the double integrals...
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