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  1. Oh, no wonder some of the formulas are so......

    Oh, no wonder some of the formulas are so... simplified... I am a person that needs to investigate. By Bowers, do you mean the actuarial mathematics book?
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    Anybody from Malaysia?


    Is there anybody from Malaysia? We can set up a group discussion in someplace convenient, or maybe just discuss it over the net! =)

    Do let me know!:smiloe:
  3. What study material do I need to pass Exam MLC?

    Ok guys, here's the list:

    ASM MLC 7th edition
    Guo Yufeng Exam MLC Study Manual
    Actuarial Mathematics (Second Edition), 1997, by Bowers

    Additional reading material:
    -Multi-State Transition...
  4. Sorry! Can I know whether I still can use the ASM MLC 7th edition manual?

    I'm gonna start studying for the november exam, so i need to know whether this manual is still relevant.
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