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    EA Exams - Study Material & Study Group

    I need help getting the best comprehensive study material for the EA exams without buying every text book required since that would be very expensive. If anyone can help me out there I would really...
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    EA exams...preparing to take the exams

    I am preparing to take the EA exams. I did a graduate certificate in Actuary 2yrs ago and now I want to get into pension work by writing the EA exams. Has anyone written them and can you advice me on...
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    Actex Study Manual Soa Exam M

    I have the 2006 Edition of EXAM M by Matthew J. Hasett et al. Please send me an email @ kalen40@hotmail.com if you are interested.

  4. Actex Study Manual Soa Exam C / Cas Exam 4

    I just finished a course in EXAM C and would not be needing the study manual anymore. I have the volume I & II FALL Edition 2005 by Samuel A Broverman. Email me @ kalen40@hotmail.com if you are...
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