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  1. Taking Exams AFTER graduating college?

    Hey guys I have a few questions:
    1) I was just wondering if it would be ok if right after I graduated university to strictly start studying for the exams?
    2)Would this look bad for a job or to a...
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    Damn that's pretty crazy, seems like a lot of...

    Damn that's pretty crazy, seems like a lot of studying. Well I am finishing up second year of college and since I started with a year already done, I will be graduating may 2016, so should I study...
  3. Replies

    ''' five exams in a year and a half, how long did...

    ''' five exams in a year and a half, how long did you spend studying for each exam?

    Yeah so I guess I should stay at UCM and graduate early then. The thing is though, in most of the math classes I...
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    What should i do!?

    Hey guys I need some advice on what I should do, I am currently attending UC Merced as an applied math/econ student. I applied to UCSB for their actuarial science program and I got in, but the thing...
  5. Replies

    Where do I start?

    Hey guys I made an account just so that someone can help me with my journey on becoming an actuary. Currently I am in college and am starting my junior year. My major is applied mathematics with an...
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