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  1. Taking the FM exam this year - don't know which study guide to use

    What are the best FM study guides everyone here can recommend?

    Thank you.
  2. The OP asked a very good question - I myself...

    The OP asked a very good question - I myself would like to know too.
  3. Replies

    I need your honest assessments here...

    OK, I will be honest myself here.

    I am a licensed CPA, but have been out of work for 2 years now. I'm thinking about switching to Actuaries, HOWEVER, EVEN IF I pass all of the parts, what are my...
  4. Dr. Finan - 9.15(Nominal Rates of Interest and Discount)

    FYI, just got it solved!(forgot one simple thing at the time with it!).
  5. Replies

    Dr. Finan - 7.5(PV and Discount Functions)

    Problem 7.5
    The sum of the present value of 1 paid at the end of n periods and 1 paid at the end of 2n periods is 1.

    Find (1 + i)^2n:
  6. Replies

    Dr. Finan - 7.4(PV and Discount Functions)

    Problem 7.4
    It is known that an investment of $500 will increase to $4,000 at the end of 30 years.

    Find the sum of the present values of three payments of $10,000 each which will occur at the...
  7. What areas are VERY LEAST focused on with FM2?

    Someone commented in another thread recently here that Simple Interest is near-zero focused on for FM2.

    Just curious, are there any other areas with this that we REALLY don't have to worry about?...
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    Dr. Finan - 4.23(simple interest)

    Problem 4.23
    What is A(15); if A(0) = $1100; and the rate of simple interest of the period n is i(sub n) = 0.01n?
  9. Problem 4.19 A fund is earning 5% simple...

    Problem 4.19
    A fund is earning 5% simple interest. If i(sub n) = 0.04; calculate n:


    Similar as above, but...
  10. Dr. Finan - FM 4.18 and 4.19(simple interest)

    Problem 4.18
    Let i be a simple interest rate and suppose that i(sub 6) = 0.04 - Calculate i:


    OK, with this one, I'm...
  11. Sorry to ask this question in this thread - who...

    Sorry to ask this question in this thread - who are the Mods here? I'm trying to reach one, as I have a question. Thanks!
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    Who are the MODS here?

    The first MOD that reads this, could you send me a PM? I need to ask you a question.

    Thank you!
  13. Dr. Finan FM/2 - Problem 5.16(simple interest rate)

    Problem 5.16
    The terms of payment of a certain debt are: net cash in 90 days or 2% discount for cash in 30 days.

    At what rate of simple interest is earned if the discount is taken advantage of?
  14. Dr. Finan FM/2 - Problem 4.9(Simple interest rate)

    Problem 4.9
    Suppose that the accumulation function for an account is a(t) = 1 + 3it

    At time 0, you invest $100 in this account.

    If the value in the account at time 10 is $420, what is i?
  15. Dr. Finan FM/2 - Problem 3.12(Effective Interest Rate)

    Problem 3.12
    An investor purchases 1000 worth of units in a mutual fund whose units are valued at 4.00.

    The investment dealer takes a 9% "front-end load" from the gross payment.

    One year...
  16. Failed FM today - need Study Guide recommendations

    What Study Guide recommendations for FM does everyone strongly suggest? Also, are there any free ones like Dr. Finan's P's?

    Thank You!
  17. ***UPDATE*** Amazon.com sells the solutions...


    Amazon.com sells the solutions manual for this text...
  18. MFE - Derivatives Markets(2nd Edition) - Where can we find the solutions to problems

    Where can we find the solutions to the problems at the end of each chapter for this textbook?

    It's Derivatives Markets(2nd Edition) by Robert L. McDonald.

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    Need help in simplifying this problem

    Here's a problem I was working with(MFE). I understand the concepts of it(so won't bother to post the question in its entirety). However, I am having problems simplifying it to find x.

    As you can...
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    FWIW, this was my 3rd try in taking P(failed the...

    FWIW, this was my 3rd try in taking P(failed the other 2 times), so it's not like I'm some whiz. And for that matter too, I didn't do well in Statistics in my first go-around in college many years...
  21. Replies

    My apologies again on this... Actually, it's...

    My apologies again on this...

    Actually, it's $150 for the Online Class + $75 for the Study Guide PDF = $225. It's for the first 100 days, and $15/month afterwards.

    Again, please accept my...
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    Just keep practicing the Finan problems - there...

    Just keep practicing the Finan problems - there were some I had no clue on, some at first and some for a good bit, but ended up figuring them out over the long haul(just skip over them and do as many...
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    His English is pretty good - not only in the...

    His English is pretty good - not only in the course lectures, but I have emailed him from time to time, and his email responses sound like it comes from an American(or a British for that matter).

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    Overall, depends - for the obviously heavily...

    Overall, depends - for the obviously heavily tested items like Binomial, Expected Value, Variance/SD, Posterier Probability, Discrete and Continuous, Normal, Exponential, Poisson, etc, etc, I focused...
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    Took P for the 3rd time on Sat(and finally passed...

    Took P for the 3rd time on Sat(and finally passed it).

    Here's my recommendation - do TWO of theses studies, 1) Dr. Marcel Finan's P study guide(which is free), and 2) Dr. Guo's P study guide(which...
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