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Thread: just taking few SOA exams useful?

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    Apr 2008

    just taking few SOA exams useful?

    hi all,

    im a 2nd year finance student. i plan to pursue the CFA designation after graduation, my career goal is to become a portfolio manager or fund manager.

    do you think passing 3-4 SOA exams will be helpful for me in terms of getting interviews and add value to my resume?

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    Oct 2008
    I don't know. Having the exams would be a decent bullet point on your resume but ultimately, I don't think it would benefit you all that much. I don't think that the amount of effort that would be required to pass these exams would worth it for the marginal advantage you might gain. I would just concentrate on obtaining your CFA designation and getting a good internship.

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    Jan 2008
    I agree. It seems like too much misplaced effort. I don't think in general that the finance world looks up to the actuarial profession that much - they have their own little subculture of what is admired and what isn't. It could even look like you weren't sure what you wanted to do and get it counted a little against you depending on how you presented them on your resume. In an interview, this would be easy to explain off. But if you are really curious about the material, heck just go for it.

    Actuarial exams will win you a lot of respect from other actuaries.

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