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Thread: Freelance Job Opportunity - Insurance Exp

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    Feb 2009

    Freelance Job Opportunity - Insurance Exp

    Hi all

    I am looking for an Actuary for a project based role in the field of general insurance. Specifically Auto Insurance.

    I am developing and am in the final stages of completing a car insurance comparison website/service for Australia.

    What I am needing is someone with the right mathematical and auto insurance experience to assist in modelling a Price Guide Engine. There are too many variables to compare premiums by hand or too expensive so I want to work a formula that will give a close estimate to actual price for a number of insurers, say 10. In Australia we cannot spider insurers websites.


    Vehicle Value (they enter in value and/or use another site for valuation)

    I have tried to model something like this where age works out as a percentage of car value when using the same car but there are other variables. Basically I will use cheap overseas labor to extract the data by hand but I dont want more than say 100-200 variables per insurer. So maybe could model say a % to car value for local or imported cars and sports cars also? Postcode - I could give a number of sample postcodes that represent others...so say choose 4 per state or less and categorize. Anyway this is what I need actuary to help with and model.

    Anyway please advise if anyone is interested and feels they could handle. We can work out a project fee via a third party freelance escrow...


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    Actuary.com - Newbie Poster
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    Apr 2009
    hi MCP

    can you please provide some more info?

    thanks, email at stelios underscroll ioannides at yahoo dot com


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