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Thread: Fall 2008 #11, 13, 18, and 24

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    Fall 2008 #11, 13, 18, and 24

    11. really no idea how to deal with the two sets when looking for the mean; so no clue how to find the test stat. I am guessing that the t-dist is used with 22 d.f. once you have a test stat
    13. i bet this is intended to be a freebie, but for whatever reason it has me puzzled.
    18. not sure how to implement m; i guessed just taking 100/900 to get .111, which gives the right answer, but i don't have any justification for that
    24. did a ton of work messing with recursions, but never calculated any values (V, premium, nor p!)

    Any guidance in these problems would be helpful.

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    This should help you with some http://www.actuarialoutpost.com/actu...=165197&page=2 (11 and 24 I think)

    13 is done by recursion, e_x = 5, e_{x+1} = 4.53 and you need q_x

    the recursion is e_x = e_{x:1} + p_{x}e_{x+1}, now e_{x:1} = p_{x} so you really have e_{x} = p_{x}(1 + e_{x+1}} i.e. 5 = 5.53*p_{x} which gives you p_{x} = .9041591320which implies that q_{x} = .095840868 which is D
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