Hello Everyone,

Registration is now open for The Infinite Actuary's Fall 2009 online and live seminars for exam AFE.

You can find more information here. We will also be offering a live seminar. More information about the live seminar in Washington, DC on Sept 25 through Sept 29. More information about the live seminar can be found here. The Infinite Package contains both the online and live seminar.

If you are not familiar with online seminars at The Infinite Actuary (they are very different from other online seminars), then please watch this video. You can also read this page and view our FAQs.

Two lessons have been made available for free. You can view these lessons by going to this page. Open the AFE Online Seminar section and then Section 1 - Risk definitions. Lessons 1.02 and 1.18 can be watched by anyone. I recommend you watch those lessons before purchasing the online seminar to see what you are buying.

If you have any questions, then please let me know.

Mary Pat Campbell

Since it may not be obvious from this website's style, here are the mentioned links separately:

TIA: http://www.theinfiniteactuary.com/
AFE info page: http://www.theinfiniteactuary.com/?page=soa_afe
Live seminar info: http://www.theinfiniteactuary.com/fi...inar_2009F.pdf