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Thread: Need advice on majors

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    Exclamation Need advice on majors

    I have a problem - should I double major in Computer Science and Statistics or should I just major in Statistics and possibly get a minor in Chinese and/or German?

    I just finished my first year and am going into my second year. My current plan is to double major in CS and Stats but there are some problems with this:

    -I am done with my GEs so the rest of my three years would be packed with Stats and CS courses with no breather room for fun/easy classes in subjects that I would actually be interested in. I don't know how I feel about this b/c I feel like there is too much emphasis on technical classes. I also detest physics, and the CS major requires three physics classes.

    -I'm planning to become an actuary, so my main focus is Statistics. I feel like doing a CS degree is just icing on the cake; frankly, I'm not particularly passionate about CS. I had originally planned to use it as something that would perhaps be helpful if, say, I went into data mining, but I don't know how much data mining goes into actuarial work. If anything, I'd be using my CS major as a backup in case something goes wrong with my career path as an actuary (in which case I would become a software engineer, although I don't know how I feel about this b/c I'd mainly be doing it for the salary).

    -I won't be able to study abroad due to the fact that I have absolutely no breather room in the next three years for my schedule for classes outside CS and Statistics. The reason for this is because I actually changed majors in the middle of this school year; originally, I was an Environmental Studies major. Compared to other people from my year, I am behind in CS coursework and have to catch up.

    Frankly, I feel that if I just majored in Statistics and got minors in Chinese and German, I'd probably enjoy my undergraduate schedule more. Also, I would get to study abroad and potentially be able to use the languages if I worked abroad as an actuary.

    What do you guys think I should do? What is more practical in your opinion, what would you do yourself? Please keep in mind, however, that either way, I will still be learning programming languages; I plan to take CS classes whether I become a CS major or not.

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    Reread what you just wrote. It sounds like you've already made up your mind. :smiloe:

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    Hey man, I got the same idea with you.

    I'm a freshman. Frankly, I really want to learn Bussiness, but my college has got a very good CS program. And I'm admitted by CS. I don't think CS would be my career, because I really love bussiness. So the same idea comes up into my mind. Double major, CS and Stat. And then be an Actuary.

    Well, is it hard to do so? I mean double major in CS and Stat.
    Is there any other ways to be an Actuary?


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