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For me, I work in Life Insurance primarily, but after an unsuccessful attempt at the ILA Design and Pricing exam, I decided to switch to the ERM/Finance track. It was a personal choice based on my personal outlook on the future of business and where things are trending. It was quite a challenge because I didn't have much experience with ERM/Finance topics from school or work, but I did find the material interesting and challenging.

Im currently working for a consulting firm, particularly in the actuarial department. Usually we do valuation report on a company's retirement plan. That is, im in the track of Pension. But I would like to be in the ERM/Finance. How should i suppose to get there? What kind of work and company should i look for to be in the said field. You said in your post that you're currently in the ERM/finance. Would you mind if I ask you what kind of work you do or rather your job title and what kind of company you are working for. :smiloe: