Hello all, I am currently studying for my EA-1 to be taken in May '11. I've been getting quite nervous based on the comments and results of the past EA-1. I believe only 9 people passed out of 37.

This makes me extra nervous actually.

I have several questions, the first being: what is the 'effective number writing' category, it states (those who achieved at least 50% of the passing score), what is the passing score? how is it set?

next, I read on the website that to be exempt from EA-1, you must have taken the FM and MLC exams. Would that be a better route? I have a B.S. in Economics but I am not sure if my coursework woud satisfy the educational background to be exempt from the EA-1. are there any other ways to be exempt?

What would your advice to me be? I think I am going to just have to buckle down and get this out of the way. Im just afraid because its only offered once a year, while FM and MLC are offered 4 times a year.

Final question: what books should I read for EA-1, Im currently using the Parmenter text w/solutions manual. how should i go about studying, I am very rusty in my math background but getting back into it.

Sorry for the long post folks. have a great day and thanks!